After Year 1, the NC-ACE research team chose four community intervention programs to implement in Robeson County: Positive Action, Students Against Violence Everywhere, Teen Court and Parenting Wisely.


Positive Action is one of NC-ACE’s two “universal interventions” which means that it will work with all the middle school students in Robeson County. The program has be implemented in all 19 of Robeson County’s middle schools and another version of the program has been implemented in several elementary schools.  Positive Action  is based on the philosophy that you feel good about yourself when you do positive actions, and there is always a positive way to do everything. The lessons of the program are taught in the schools 2-3 times a week.

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Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE)

S.A.V.E. is the second universal intervention being used in the county. SAVE is a student organization in the schools that empower youth to lead the way in youth violence prevention by providing education about the effects and consequences of violence and safe activities for students, parents and communities. NC-ACE will have SAVE chapters in all the Robeson County middle schools and will sponsor their pro-social events.

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Teen Court

Teen Court is a “targeted intervention” aimed at youth who are at a higher risk for committing acts of violence. It is an alternative to regular juvenile court and offers young non-violent offenders an opportunity to make restitution  for an offense through community service, specialized classes and jury service. By participating in this voluntary program, the offender’s record will not be affected by the charge against him or her. By bringing the teens before a jury of their peers, this program seeks to deter teens from future unlawful behavior, while providing direct experience in the judiciary system and an understanding of their future role as a productive citizen.

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Parenting Wisely

 Parenting Wisely is the adult component to our intervention strategy and is a computer-based parenting skills education system. The program teaches guardians about more productive ways to manage and communicate with their children. In Year 2 NC-ACE will conduct a pilot study, administering Parenting Wisely in three different settings: parent only, parent and child, and group sessions. From that preliminary data, NC-ACE will decide the best method to implement this program.

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